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Acorn products reflect the closely-held values of founder David Quinn, who started the company in 1976. His goal was to bring the "Comfort on Earth" to consumers who value quality, workmanship, and performance. From the original Slipper Sock to technologically advanced indoor/outdoor footwear, Acorn now offers consumers an expansive and varied collection of indoor and outdoor footwear appropriate for all seasons

Quinn originally created the iconic Slipper Sock based on the concept of memories he had of family ski vacations spent padding through the cabin in old-fashioned slippers with socks attached. He networked with local merchants and worked with a cobbler to create 22 pairs as gifts for grateful family and friends. Since then, Acorn has remained committed to innovative design, high quality, and a desire to provide people with a level of comfort that is unsurpassed.

In 1982, Quinn leveraged the visibility provided by NASA astronauts' use of the Slipper Sock while in space and transitioned Acorn from a cottage business to a high-profile, profitable manufacturer. Since then, astronauts have worn the Slipper Socks on NASA shuttle missions, logging more than 500,000,000 miles in their Acorns. The Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum has a pair of the slipper socks on permanent exhibit.

Since its founding, Acorn's mission has remained consistent: to provide 'Comfort on Earth' to the world one pair of feet at a time. Acorn's commitment to comfort is at the fore of each collection, while new designs incorporate the latest lifestyle influences, consumer input, and always the very best quality.