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Introducing Native Outfitters Apparel

I would like to introduce you to a new line, Native Outfitters, a performance line of shirts.  These shirts offer 30-50 UPF ratings and a wide range of artwork.  I look forward to showing you the line in person soon.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Native Outfitters

Welcome to Native Outfitters, purveyors of premium and authentic island merchandise. 

Working hard to become one of the worlds finest outdoor lifestyle apparel company, Native sets itself apart through the combination of its unique designs and the Native philosophy they reflect. From Surfing to Fishing, to simple relaxing, Native evokes a sense of locality, a sense of individuality, a sense of conservation, a sense of pride, an eco-sense, a fashion sense, a pride in your catch, a belief in that wave, a smile, a relief, a Native sense! We travel the world and experience our regional ecosystems and geographical areas and we then create our Native Designs to reflect such experiences and those species that we encounter.

These designs are artfully presented through Native Outfitters’ designs. Through our Native Series:
Surf, Saltwater, Freshwater, Resort, Conservation, Logo and Native Beauty, Native Outfitters is positioned to offer something for the whole family. You can Surf it!, Catch it!, Paddle it!, Conserve it! Or simply Embrace it! like a Native!