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posted Jan 14, 2011, 6:15 AM by Peter Pawlus

January is a Total Gong Show!                                                                                              

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January is half way over. How did that happen? Time flies when you're having fun. January is an absolutely crazy month for us at Contour and for those of you trying to get your winter on. For starters, the Freeskiing World Tour is in full swing. The second stop was earlier this week in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Collin Collins landed the first ever 720 on the tour, and he happened to be wearing his Contour! In fact, the snow was so good, that he took a face shot right to the lens!

This 720 went down in history!


We've been busy attending events like the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida and CES in Las Vegas. Coming up we've got the X Games in Aspen, the S.I.A. tradeshow in Denver, and the Rahlves Banzai Tour in California. Phew. That's a mouthful! If you're interested in winning some serious cash and can hold your own in a big mountain/boarder/skiercross comp, check out the Banzai tour and register! We'll be there to high five you at the finish line!

Get barreled at Banzai!


The snow has been falling hard! In fact, as of today, there is snow in 49 of 50states. That is completely nuts. Sorry Florida. No pow for you! But, just because it's snowy doesn't mean you can't still do activities most often done in the summer. In fact, I headed out to the snowy woods of Seattle and made a fun little video with my mountain bike buddies. **Super Shameless Self Promotion Alert** We entered this video in a contest on VitalMTB and could REALLY use your vote (vote here!). 

Snowy berms and loamy turns!

Our software team is one of the hardest working in the biz. This week brings a few updates and fixes to the Storyteller App. You're now able to export your GPS data in text, CSV, or GPX format. Elevation can now be shown in meters or feet (Yay for the metric system!). Additionally, they introduced a number of fixes for bugs, and general upgrades that will make the software easier to use. 

Until next week - get out there and play in the snow, no matter what sport! (Unless you're in Florida. You guys can go surfing for us!)


Upcoming Events

Rahlves Bonzai - Alpine Meadows, CA Jan 22-23

S.I.A. - Denver, CO
Jan 27-30

On Snow Demo - Jan 31-Feb 1, Winter Park, CO

X Games - Aspen, CO
Jan 27-30

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