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Polarmax® is the primary retail brand of Longworth Industries, Inc., located in West End and Candor, North Carolina. Celebrating 25 years of innovative technical base layer apparel, Polarmax® is a distinguished leader in the base layer marketplace.

With aggressive fabric development and product testing, a strong green story, and a completely vertical business structure, it is no wonder that Polarmax® is one of the nation’s top base layer apparel manufacturers.

Add the "Made in the USA" label, and you have the smartest choice for both consumers and retailers.

  • Polarmax® Innovation: We engineer the Acclimate Dry performance fabrics with their unique moisture management system, superior breatheability, anti-microbial, non-shrink & wash and wear qualities.
  • Polarmax® Green: Our complete manufacturing facilities, warehouse and shipping activities take place within a 15 mile radius. Many of our yarns and fibers are recycled and our packaging is either recycled and/or re-taskable. We are environmentally friendly on multiple fronts.
  • Polarmax® Vertical: We maintain complete control of every process used to bring the best base layer products to you--fabric development and technology, product design and testing, cut and sew, sales and marketing, warehousing and distribution, and the best customer service in the business.
  • Polarmax® Green + Polarmax® Vertical = Tiny Carbon Footprint!
  • Polarmax® “Hand”: We have built our reputation on designing and developing fabrics that perform with unquestionable quality but with the feel of perfect comfort next to your skin.
  • Polarmax® Partnership to the Consumer : The best base layer garments available in today’s marketplace for keeping you warm, dry and comfortable while you enjoy the competitive pricing and clear conscience.
  • Polarmax® Partnership to the Retailer: Our goal is to be the "perfect partner" by producing the highest quality technical base layer garments available in the industry at the greatest value. We support our specialty retailers and want to earn our place as their vendor of choice with innovative merchandising, speed to margin and shared risk initiatives, a truly user-friendly experience, and in house shipping, warehousing and customer service. We are truly commitment to your success.
  • Polarmax® Made in the USA: We are very proud of our upwards of 150 employees who work together to give meaning to "Made in the USA" label.

Peter Pawlus,
Jun 30, 2011, 12:42 PM